Policy Influencer Playbook

Maximize Relationships Using Strategic Partnerships with Allison Mcgrath

April 20, 2021 Cori Henderson Season 1 Episode 8
Policy Influencer Playbook
Maximize Relationships Using Strategic Partnerships with Allison Mcgrath
Show Notes

Making an ask is easier and more effective if you’ve already developed a relationship with the decision-maker or key decision influencer. And it’s even better if they are already advocates of your project or issue.

Today’s guest has a special talent for creating advocates and nurturing relationships.

In this episode, she is sharing how to develop and nurture strategic partnerships and create meaningful relationships. The type of relationships that translate into momentum and support for projects as well as long-lasting, genuine friendships.

Today’s takeaways include:

  • How to bring a diverse group together for a common cause
  • How to create a virtual stakeholder group

About My Guest

Allison Mcgrath is an AICP certified land use planner and an accredited member for The Congress for New Urbanism. She has almost 28 years of experience in land use planning and zoning entitlements, project management, industrial site certification, stakeholder engagement, regulatory compliance, grant writing and administration, and economic development.

Allison has worked on the development of new towns and has managed consultant teams on 2,000+-acre projects in North Central Florida and Georgia to advance the sites for industrial development.

About the Host

Cori Henderson, host of the Policy Influencer Playbook podcast brings her Master’s Degree in Public Administration and 20+ years in Government Relations and Economic Development to help you and your organization engage at all levels of government to advance your agenda. From her unique perspective having sat at the legislative, regulatory, and stakeholder tables, Cori knows that passing (or killing) legislation, getting a regulatory project permitted quickly or a tax incentive package negotiated successfully all come down to the same thing: clearly communicating your message to the right person at the right time.