Policy Influencer Playbook

Using Your Message to Find Common Ground with Andrea Hubbert

March 22, 2021 Cori Henderson Season 1 Episode 4
Policy Influencer Playbook
Using Your Message to Find Common Ground with Andrea Hubbert
Show Notes

Context is significant in communications. In today’s episode with Andrea Hubbert of Hub + Company, Andrea reveals the secret of how to start difficult public policy conversations that allow for successful resolution. 

We also talk about what to do if your message isn't resonating and why your personality and values are important to include in your message. Stay tuned till the end to hear Andrea’s important advice!

(Bear with us on the first part of this episode, but the audio will clear up after a few minutes. Stay till the end to listen to valuable tips and strategies from our guest and host!)

More about Andrea:

Andrea Hubbert is the founder of Hub + Company. She helps organizations and businesses amplify their message to build authentic relationships with their audiences that are grounded in principles packed with personality and styles. She serves in volunteer leadership roles helping to raise the profile and magnify the message of causes she’s passionate about. She also helps her clients start the right conversations with their perfect audience, get their ideal people excited to take action, and remove marketing technology barriers to drive growth for their organizations.

Important Episode Quotes:

  • The beliefs around the policy might not be the same but there is something both of you believe in that can be the common ground. - Andrea Hubbert
  • It’s about the facts of the matter, and it’s not about the person.  - Andrea Hubbert
  • How you present the issue is almost as important as the issue itself. - Cori Henderson
  • In advocacy and public policy, sometimes you have to reposition what people think about the issue. - Cori Henderson
  • There’s a lot of analysis in communication.  - Andrea Hubbert
  • It’s not about the numbers, it’s the perception - Cori Henderson
  • When you’re advocating for something your two biggest advantages are to build trust and to be credible.  - Andrea Hubbert
  • Remember who you are, stick to your principles, and think about how you and your principles fit in with whatever you’re advocating for. - Andrea Hubbert

About the Host:

Cori Henderson, host of the Policy Influencer Playbook podcast brings her Master’s Degree in Public Administration and 20+ years in Government Relations and Economic Development to help you and your organization engage at all levels of government to advance your agenda. From her unique perspective having sat at the legislative, regulatory, and stakeholder tables, Cori knows that passing (or killing) legislation, getting a regulatory project permitted quickly or a tax incentive package negotiated successfully all come down to the same thing: clearly communicating your message to the right person at the right time.